Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vincennes Castle

Castle Vincennes is off the usual tourist radar which makes it a great place to visit. It is easy to get to at the end of the 1 metro line.  Literately at the end, you walk up out of the metro and the castle is right there.  It was originally established as a hunting lodge in the 12th century.  Did I mention it is old???

The keep (above) was completed by King Charles V in 1370.  

The building of the Holy Chapel had just begun when Charles V died. The portal was to be one of the first high Gothic masterpieces.  

This is the fireplace in the King's bedchamber.

After visiting the castle we had lunch across the street.  I had confit de canard. It was excellent.

Patsy enjoying some vin with lunch. See the castle in the background?