Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cook'n With Class

Part 1 - The Marketing

Martha, Bob and I took a cooking class together at  Cook'n With Class.  We took the morning market class.  Chef Constance was our instructor. She spent 5 years in culinary school and has worked at the Four Seasons in West Palm Beach. (Ooh-La-La)
She is very knowledgeable and passionate about food, has a beautiful French accent, and was a lot of fun.  Other members of our class were Nancy from Canada, and Ange and Linda who were both from Australia.  It was a great group of people.  We enjoyed everyone including Nancy's husband Kelly who joined us for our lunch.   

The class started with going to the markets to pick out the food for the lunch we would be making. Chef Constance said we would be having, Chorizo basquise poached egg and olive oil courton, Creamy Leeks, Fish, a cheese course and Chocolate Souffle.  

Martha and Bob at the fromagerie. We picked out 9 different cheeses! 

This is a butcher store where the rabbit and pheasant still had the fur and feathers attached.

This sign announces the arrival of fresh scallops and our fish course change to scallops. 

Chef Constance picking the scallops she wanted. 

Nancy and Chef picking leeks
Have you ever heard of black radishes?  

This is where we bought some wonderful walnut bread.
There is a brick oven downstairs where for years locals
have brought their bread dough to be baked. 

So much temptation.
The result of our shopping  

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  1. Looks like a lovely outing and yummy too. You had me hooked at 9 cheeses.