Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tour Eiffel - The Sommet

Monday night Joe and I went up to the sommet (top) of the tour Eiffel.

Did you know there is a Champagne Bar at the top?  
We were wondering how many couples go to the top and one of them is expecting a proposal that doesn't happen?  How do you think that ride down is? AWKWARD!!

The view from the top is magical, windy and cold. My camera could not do it justice.  

This is the mechanism for the elevators

Back at the bottom just in time for the, on the hour, light show.

Joe on the metro on the way home.  It had been a long day for Joe. He went to the Louvre to see the Egyptian exhibit and the L'Orangerie to see the Monets.

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  1. The Louvre, L'Orangerie and la Tour Eiffel in one day! Ah, to be young again!
    I'm loving your photos and comments, mon canard au chocolat.