Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is for you Karen

Today I managed to find the quilting fabric store I had ran across while I was here in '08. I had been looking for it all month.  It is a beautiful store with lots of French fabric some of which is manufactured in the states.  I took these photos for my sister Karen, the quilter.  

These are cupcake pincushions.

Sue giving us a close up

Karen - you will find out why I was in the store when I see you at the Thanksgiving.   I hope you are reading the blog.  This one is for you sista.  Love you.


  1. ONE of Karen's quilting-sista's appreciates this blog! Thank U!
    Judy L.

  2. What fun to see a French quilt shop! just one question... Were the windows as clean as they looked in the pictures?