Saturday, October 9, 2010

Different Kind of Day

Today we ended up going to the  Catacombs and Père Lachaise Cemetery.  We really didn't plan it was just how things worked out.  Looking back on it is does seem kind of morbid to visit both in the same day.

Per Rick Steve's guide, in 1786 the government of Paris decided to relieve congestion and improve sanitary conditions by emptying the city cemeteries into an official ossuary. they choose the many miles of underground tunnels from the limestone quarries which were outside the city. The bones of 6 million Parisians were moved to these tunnels.  This took decades to complete. Priest led ceremonial precessions of black- veiled, bone- laden carts into the quarries where the bones were stacked into pile five feet high and as much as 80 feet deep.  As each church cemetery was emptied they would place a plaque, indicating the church and district the bones had come from.  

Due to the low light it was difficult to take pictures in the tunnels. 

Later in the day we visited the cemetery. It was a beautiful day with fall in the air. 
I find the cemetery to be extremely interesting, beautiful and full of photo opportunities

This guy had a sense of humor. Love it.

This is what Joe saw when he looked into the crypt.  
The sun shinning through the stained glass.  

The obligatory photos of Jim Morrison's grave site.  Just for you Linda Loo.

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