Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steven and Roger's Recommendations

Our good friends Steven and Roger gave us a stack of cards each with a recommendation of what to do in Paris.  What a gift that has turned out to be.  We have managed to go to quite a few on them.

Formagerie Bernard Lefranc - This was a treat.   There was a customer in side who talked to us about his trips to Carmel. Yes, we bought some wonderful cheese there.

Ride the metro 14 line in the front car.  This is an automated line and there is no pilot.  I have done this more than once.  This lights in the photo are along the track.

Père Lachise Cemetery - see post "Different Kind of Day"

La Defense - see post "The Other End of Metro Line 1"

Mariage Frères Tea shop. They would not let us take photos in the shop.  It is in our neighborhood and I bought plenty of tea to bring home.  Be sure to ask me to serve it if you are at my house.

Flamant - Home Store - great decorator store.  I was hoping a sales person would approach us so I could say my designer sent me to the store. Alas no sales person approached me.

Place des Vosges - Always a favorite. In the Marais which is a fantastic area.

Promenade Plantèe - this was really cool.  It is an elevated walk 20ft wide and 3 mile long park.   We were there on a rainy day.

Bercy Village - I have been here before. This time we found our way into Olives & Co and did a little damage to the charge card. Look away Jim.

We also enjoyed Bercy Park one of my favorites.

This morning at about 11:30 we were at The Baron Rouge for patè and wine.  So much fun because it is really a local hangout and a great way to enjoy a rainy Saturday morning.
Per Roger and Steven's recommendation we order a plate of patè and some Cote du Rhone wine.  

Wine and Patè make us smile.

You can fill a bottle to take home from the barrels.

Steven and Roger said to order a plate of patè and we would be in love..  They were correct. 

Thanks for all the great recommendations Steven and Roger.  


  1. I can smell the cheese from Formagerie Bernard Lefranc and taste the patè from Le Baron jealous am I right now.

  2. We're so happy that you have had a good experience with our recommendations. Now you will be able to far surpass ours with all the great things you've discovered.