Saturday, October 9, 2010

Afternoon in Giverny

It was our last day to be with Martha and Bob.  After touring Monet's Gardens we enjoyed a 2 hour lunch and had lots of laughs.  Jim's sister Susan was with us as well.
After lunch, Joe, Martha and Bob caught the first afternoon train back to Paris.
Jim, Susan and I spent a few hours wandering around Giverny.  The sun had come out and it turned into a beautiful day. We all agreed we just felt pure happiness.

We had lunch at a small hotel. The below photos were taken on the grounds of the hotel.

This is hilarious.  It hung on a wall in the hotel.

This was the first artist studio in Giverny.  It was used by Monet, Rodin, Cezzane, and Mary Cassat.

Wouldn't you love to stay in this room?  

We left the hotel and strolled around the town for a while.

Susan and Jim 

I don't know what this vine is but I want it.  It was all over town and the red leaves sang fall.  

You may be wondering how I had so much time to post today.  Jim and I are both suffering with a cold.  As you can tell our week was run, run, run and we are both tired and feeling under the weather. Rick Steves advises to take a rest every few days when your are on a big vacation and I am thinking we should have taken that advice.
We decided it would be best to lay low today and rest up. Which gave me plenty of time to get current on the blog with our adventure.

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  1. I love that vine as well and we used to have it on our house, but it looks horrible in winter months and is invassive too. You can stop by when you are home and see it on our neighbors house, it traveled from our place to theirs.