Friday, October 22, 2010


Walking around in a big city all day can come with some challenges.  For instances where to go when nature calls.  Today we came upon the fanciest public toilettes we have ever seen.

We came around a corner and saw this sign. Which did not look promising.  But you do what you gotta do.

Then we saw these stairs with the fancy tiling.  hmmmmmmmmm.......... 

We couldn't believe our eyes.  The toilette was beautiful with stained glass and nicely finished wood stalls.  Once inside the stall I whipped out my camera and took these photos.

Fancy latch as well

Another Vicki and mirror photo

I was going to take photos of the whole bathroom but the attendant told us, "No photos".  So as soon as we went through the door and out of her sight I turned and took this photo.  We are getting pretty good at clandestine photo taking.

It really doesn't do it justice but it was the best I could get.  
By the way these were free bathrooms.  There are quite a few public toilettes in Paris that cost about 50 cents to use.  

As you can see Patsy was a happy camper as we came out

We will not forget the location of these toilettes and anyone wishing to know the exact location can have it for a price.  
If you want toilette locations we are willing to give you for free. We will tell you about the Trocadèro Metro station where there are signs to toilettes that apparently don't exist.  But that is another story better told in person.  

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  1. That can be your post-retirement income, selling toliet tips for Paris.