Monday, September 27, 2010


Hubby and I went back to the passport office in San Francisco today. We went to the will call window and the passport was waiting for us.  Hooray!!!.  I wanted to kiss the clerk.  Luckily there was a glass window separating us.  His passport is much cooler than mine.  It looks very patriotic inside.
As we exited the building I couldn't stop myself from letting out a whoop.
All of the stress lifted from our bodies and we were ready for lunch.  I put the Round Me application on the iPhone to the test and came up with a nearby location of, The Plant Cafe, one of our favorites in the city.  We each ordered the Plant burger and all was right with the world.

Look out Paris here we come.


  1. Bravo on the passport. Am I allowed to make a suggestion for dinner in Paris?

  2. YAY!!!!!! Have a fabulous trip.

    Bon Voyage!!


  3. LOL great Blog Vicki - and here i've been imagining you both in Paris this past week, wondering how you're spending your days. Looking forward to reading future blogs! Love Mare

  4. We just returned from Paris and would like to recommend a restaruant. I know you speak about as much French as I do so first is a little French lesson.

    Adding "erie" to the end of a noun changes the words meaning to include "a place of".

    For example:
    patisserie = a place where pasteries are made
    frommagerie = a place to buy cheese
    poissonerie = a place that sells fish

    The word poisson is fish.
    The word boisson is drink.

    So this restaurant made a play on words. It is called "Fish the Boissonnerie". Litterally meaning "Fish the Place of Drinks". It is located in an old fish store but today it is a fish restaurant which specializes in wine. They have over 200 bottles of wine on the menu ranging from 20 - 400 Euro a bottle. Each week they also have special featured wines. We asked our waitress to recommend weekly specials to pair with our meal. We had reservations which I advise as it can only seat about 30 people.

    Fish La Boissonnerie
    69 rue de Seine
    75006 Paris
    tel- 01 43 54 34 69

  5. Woo hoo! Think about all the dark chocolate salted caramel madness that's ahead of us!!!