Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Started

This is an experiment to see if I can figure out how to start a blog so I can post photos to share with friends and family.
 We are trying to get started on a major vacation to Europe.  It has turned into a Murphy's Law situation which began on Wednesday at the airport checking in for our flight to Prague.  The ticket agent asked if my husband had an extension on his passport.
 "Why would he need an extension?"
"Because it expired in February".
Deer in the headlights look!!! ( I know this is a major over sight on our part.-lesson learned)  It has gone down hill from there.  We had to eliminate Prague from our trip,  rebook a flight for Paris a week later and spent and hour and 3 phone calls making an appointment at the passport office to get a new one for hubby.
 Today we went to our appointment (2 hrs away) to be told they did not have any passport books so we will need to come back on Monday. Deer in the headlights look again.  Oh and by the way we may want to call to be sure they have them before we come back.  This really came out of left field.  How does a passport office run out of passport books???  Maybe the same way the expiration date on the passport doesn't get double checked when the vacation is in the planning stages.  I realize it is our own fault that we are in this mess but I still want to whine and complain about no passport books at the office that issues passports.
Now I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to start a blog wondering if our trip will ever get started.  Stay tuned.......

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