Friday, September 18, 2015

Many Glacier

Many Glacier is my favorite section of Glacier National Park.  We spent 2 nights at the Many Glacier Hotel and loved every minute.  The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife viewing is very convenient to the hotel.  In fact we could sit on our balcony or in the hotel and watch the bears, bighorn sheep and mountain goats feeding on the hill.  

We ran across these black bears driving through the valley

We also saw this mama and baby grizzlies.  They were way up the hill but my big zoom manamged to capture them.  

Here is the lakeside view of the hotel.  

This is the view from our room.  

Here I am emjoyig a glass of wine while watching yet another grizzly, bighorn sheep and mountain goats up on the hill.  We had to sue binoculars to see them.  It was cold but we didn't let that stop our fun.  

Earlier in the day we took the lake boat tour which included 2 lakes with a brief hike between the lakes.  Below is the 2nd boat on Josephine Lake.  From this lake we set off on a hike to Grinnel Lake below the Grinnell Glacier.

The falls coming from the glacier.  

Crossing the suspension bridge over a creek.

Here we are in the hail at the lake.  See the falls behind us?

Autumn is really showing her colors.

When we returned to the boat dock this guy was there to greet us.  

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