Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Are Safe or Rain, Rain Go Away

Have you heard about the flooding on the Danube? We sure have!!! You can believe what you hear and our itinerary has become a victim of the flooding. We were supposed to travel to Passua Germany by Saturday morning. The old town section of Passua is under water.


Fire Brigades working on flood control. Taken from the terrace at Melk Abby.

A reality of life is stuff happens which is beyond anyone's control. It is how the stuff is handled which makes all the difference. Uniworld, our cruise line, has handled the situation beautifully. First and foremost, they have kept us safe. We are docked at the commercial port in Krems. While not scenic it has a water gate that will keep it from flooding. Believe me when I say the power of this river is impressive.we have experienced it science our first day on the river. We have been sailing upstream and the current was amazing.

The captain choose to move the ship to a safer port and they still manage to come up with nice excursions for us. Yesterday we all went to Cresky Krumlov in the New Czech Republic. We really enjoyed it and I will post on it later. Today we went to the Melk Abby (in the pouring rain) and to a wine tasting. Surprise we enjoyed that as well. We know we will stay in Krems through tomorrow when the river will crest. They are saying we will take the bus to Salzburg but we understand there is flooding there as well, so not sure what they will have in store for us. The cruise director, Bart said he is working on plan K.

The road we took to Melk this morning was closed this afternoon due to flooding.
The town of Melk
Melk Abby courtyard. See Hal and Beverly?
The light shinning behind Christ represents the promise of heaven.
The 7 stations of the cross.
The ceiling is flat. The painting gives the illusion of a curve.


Wine tasting at Winzer Krems a wine co-operative with over a 1000 vineyards.
We are having a good time a little flood will not stop that!! I know this will shock you, I am writing this in the Piano Bar while drinking a lemon drop with Jim, Hal and Beverly. We all say, "Cheers!"


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